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Fbio Oliveira Saints 1 Summary. The understanding of the text is constructed in the social relation and of the position that if find the interlocutors, in all in case that, prioritizes for the understanding of the structure and the meanings constructed from the texts on-line, or hipertextos. For this, we select the text on-line: ' ' Why we do not live forever ' ' , to follow we look for to understand the direction constructed with the external elements of the text and it. Jorge Perez has firm opinions on the matter. Words Keys: Texts, readers, construction of direction. To understand that the direction of the speech is something that if constructs in social way and with the participation of interlocutors it is essential for this analysis, a time that if has the perspective to observe as if it constructs the direction, however under the point of view of one hipertexto, or a text on-line. For this study, it is analyzed construction and the structure of the text on-line: Why we do not live forever? 2 the objective is the understanding and construction of the meaning and the construction of the structure on-line.

In agreement with Orlandi (1994), the effect of the speech only can be unmasked through the directions between interlocutors, that is: different felt they are constructed from ' ' who is said, where it says and for who if fala' ' with which objective. In the studied text, one perceives that it is divided in small pages and the nine number. In accordance with given recent IT STEPS ON of it, Brazil is a country of few readers, or the 3 the least is 53 of ranking world-wide, from there the incentive to the reading in disciplines them to all, on the part of the governmental spheres. From there one is given credit that the division in small texts divided in lesser pages favors to the reading until the end, appeals viable the reader so that it finishes the effort.

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