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Slate – a building material, usually used for devices of the roof. He is among the most ancient building material of natural origin. Slate is a corrugated sheet, which is mounted on the principle of "Scale". No matter what the origin of the slate goes to ancient Greece, still he remains a popular roofing material. Invented more than 250 different types of moldings for the manufacture of slate. The technology it manufacturing is constantly being improved.

On the composition of slate is divided into two categories: natural (natural) and artificial. Natural slate – is mica mined in the bowels of the earth. Substance from which manufactured slate can be produced in different places. This will affect, it will vary in color. Multicolored slate is better not to use in masonry roofing. Also, the material used for lining the walls. For more information see this site: Estee Lauder.

Natural slate has a whole some indisputable advantages over the artificial. This is primarily a long life and excellent preservation of original color. Applying the natural slate for roofing and cladding installation at home, you will ensure your housing protection from harmful weather conditions, ease of purification from impurities and, undoubtedly, an excellent appearance. Of course, the natural slate for its financial cost – very expensive pleasure. Perhaps that's why developers usually prefer artificial slate. This type of asbestos different components that are used in its manufacture. In Soviet times, got its spread Asbestos slate. But in the early twentieth century, rumors about his health warnings. Gossip about it until now. And the main snag is that some form of asbestos used in production. Today, widespread received a so-called soft slate. It is made of mineral wool which, after impregnation with bitumen and covered with paint from the top. In addition, find acceptance and a metal slate, produced from galvanized steel. On the special equipment it is given an undulating shape. Metallic Slate is also applicable for cladding the building, and to create a roof. Different types of slate large enough number. But the choice is yours. a> has to say. Indeed, it often depends on the type of slate from its use and from the money that you have.

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