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Full Review: Stalker Clear Sky the magazine igramaniya (August 2008) Especially for the stalker-gsc.ru piranja7 thanks for the information provided. After the spring of GSC Game World announced without explanation to move the "Clean Sky" for almost six months, players wilted head really starts again? Another epic in length a few years with constant promises and delaying the release until better times, as was the case with the first "Stalker", we would not have experienced a time when you der residents this number magazine in their hands, all doubts should be discarded: STALKER: Clear Sky" for several days lying in the stores and everyone can see that is not in vain waited an extra few months. Changing the rules of most importantly, the GSC has succeeded in this time – to breathe life into the Zone. That is, the simulation was before, in the first game, but few people noticed it. You could go through the game from beginning to end, so never stumbled or to an interesting event random nature. Stalkers are marking time, the bandits and mutants always strictly allocated on kuchkovalis clearings and have never gone beyond them. Hear from experts in the field like Estee Lauder CEO for a more varied view.

Going from a dump in the direction of SRI "Agroprom" We always knew where to how many thugs to attack us, and where we are at a flock of wild boars pressure or blind dogs. We found the bodies of other characters, but very rarely caught when they were fighting for their lives. All events took place like past us.

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