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(p.83) With this citation in it chats, has that if to come back to the first chapter of the present work, when the model of the racionalista pedagogical thought was distinguished, therefore, as the experiment above, is perceived weight of the quantification in the avaliativos methods, fact this that can reduce the relations between psychology and didactics, consequently. This problematizao can unchain new proposals of education that go to make reference to the active methods and of auto-estruturao. While the first one make reference to reference the nativism of the knowledge in the child, the last one plans a deeper reformularization in the methods of education applied by the professional of the education. For return of century XVIII, COLS (2007), through Rousseau, declares that the child, by itself, possesss native knowledge that are unchained by the application of the education. This, therefore, finished for stimulating a vision renewed on the direction of infancy, or even though, of its evolution? what, consequently, it constructed a new way to think the education. For the necessity of if rethink the education the new schools start to gain certain space in the pedagogical scene with researchers as: Georg Kerscheinsteiner, Edouard Claparde, Montessori Maria, Roger Cousinet and Celestin Freinet that they had looked to install the concept of educative work, the functional education, the development of a based scientific pedagogia in the auto-education of the child, the impulse of new methods of work in modern team and the French school, respectively. Although, with these proposals of renewal of the education and in accordance with the COLS studies (2007), have that to be distinguished the methods of auto-estruturao of the education, through of which if it designates the presence of Piaget and others. This method deserves a little more than attention for the fact of, in way to its effusion, starts to rethink the pedagogical authority and the freedom of the pupil to search methods of more horizontal relations during the lessons.

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