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According to Santos and Fialho apud Merino (2000, P. 13) ' ' the work is a form of proper activity of the man, while to be social' '. The work if it relates directly with some type of return, preferential of material or monetary order. The work constitutes the application of forces and facultieses to reach an objective. The work always occupied an important place very in the life of all the people, therefore great part of it if passes inside of the organizations, thus it possesss a great value in our society, therefore the search of conductions awakes the man to improve its quality of life, as Aguiar Fan said: ' ' The work only produces riqueza' '. The quality of life many times in the area of YOU is forgotten, therefore the demand is great sucks very of the collaborator, what future it will go to harm the professional consequently and the company, bringing psychological problems partners, physicists and. PROFESSIONAL III.O OF TECHNOLOGY ' ' It is in the interior of the organizations that inhabits to the force of the innovations ' '. (Ribeiro, 2008, p.41). The professional of YOU must and needs to be intent and always brought up to date to the modern world and the new technologies, reading periodicals, magazines, therefore she needs to work on of what it is had and if mainly demands and to analyze what the market tends, developing at every moment new alternatives, and always thinking about supplying the necessities of the companies and people that them they need, bringing new features, modernities and transforming each time more the technological world, that today is very concurred. They are moved and fed for discoveries the all instant, and the market each day demands more than and these professionals, needs to analyze what it lacks for the success of the companies, to implement what already it exists, however with one something, something that not yet was invented, something more exclusive and that guarantee the evolution and the success of the organization.

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