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A hope to achieve being in the middle of a mistake trying to think without knowing what without wanting what powerless knowing the why spend hours a day letting the other time are still in doubt my thoughts and as well as one night of love an evening surrounded by peace, a dream almost comes to an end then is expected to soon awakening can not walk in alien shoes or can be touch the sky with your fingers a hope not always is true as neither an illusion manages to become a fact I install to think in the while both in the hours that I lose myself in the hopes that sad and boring life seems runs out of desire to walk step without knowing what you aspire reasoned that a flower should possess aroma sometimes I am confused, with a green fruit is then that the walls fall concrete pillars do not support collapsed without being able to maintain what rested on them usually happens that you between night and day on deep latent darkness arise lights suddenly and start them to listen is happiness sadness? Love is suffering or loneliness? I recall my time studies in which they learned without asking today with gray in my hair as a background with experience that does not know anything with patience that has gone with the intolerance that has been born and the anguish of being I don’t know if I want to have as if what I can or is for me the best thing what nobody can deny me is that thisme not suitable, I say this, because of that I do know I would run along the beach reaching a point of honour to lift my face, look to the front and take my new goal of love I want to not have to speak my voice breaks in the distance my mouth repeats until the tiredness that lack a more to kiss kisses, where to bite the lips kisses a look of happy kisses that bring warm hugs because they make me live do?It will be the beginning, it will be the end? It will be whatever of life! Meanwhile, another day tomorrow will perhaps be this time bring a hope to achieve. Samuel Akinin Levy original Autor and source of the article.. Hear from experts in the field like Dior Men for a more varied view. . . Click Jorge Perez to learn more.

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