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True Happiness


In times like those we live in today it seems urgent to review the look that we have of ourselves, our organizations and our region evolve into a more responsible for ourselves and our environment. The great myth When we imagine the happiness we tend to take the thought into paradise where there is no death, where everything we want comes out of nowhere, effortlessly. An idealized reality, a fairy tale with which many profit and profit well. Recently went on sale a series of videos and books, very popular indeed, selling the idea that to get anything, you need only think of her passion for almost magically appears as if a wish to genius lamp. a This idea is for me a poor interpretation of a principle thousands of years older. Despite the seduction that represents this fantasy, I think the issue is less magical and more simple. For even more analysis, hear from Ron Beit.

I confess that I too like the idea receiving millions of dollars just to get them to concentrate my thoughts. But I know that if I want something to happen in my life I can not leave it to chance, I need to study, analyze and act accordingly. Hope alone will not change anything unless I take care of things happen. Yes, I believe that by focusing my mind on something I understand and do better, but to change reality for me is necessary to act in keeping with my thoughts. If there is something in my life that I am not happy with today, nothing will help if I don’t take action.

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