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Have you ever wondered how to attract men the most beautiful girls? You may think you have to do with the amount of money they have, the cars they use, or anything else. These are simply invent Excuses people to hide their lack of success in any field, including girls. I have good news, TAS can be a man who attracts girls, and I'll show you several secrets to attract girls. Do not put women on a pedestal! For more wrong it may seem, the number one mistake is all men put women on a pedestal and idolatrarlas.a This is wrong! It is common for a man believes that a woman be good to be your pet, and expect to receive something good in return is normal. You're wrong! The pretty girls hear this all the time and if you say you'll be one more. There will be a challenge for her, there is no attraction.

You must learn to treat them so that you will be a challenge and is fun to talk to you, so I'm going to teach next secret. Being "Cocky & Funny" One of the most important techniques that you must master is the man's "arrogant and fun." What is it? Well you look like a cocky man who lives in his own world and does not take orders from anyone, yet be fun. I'll give you some examples: If she says "all men want to talk I am invited to a coffee" Answer "rightly were alone for so long while!" Or "what a coincidence, all men who want to talk me too! "or" I invite you and you pay. " One thing she laughs. But never give the impression that you're submissive and less say that the invited to a coffee, she'll look like a man who can play with as she wishes. Use physical contact Physical contact is very important in relations between men and women. Whether you just met a girl or if you know a long time, there must be physical contact and is the only way to give understand that in addition to being friends you want to advance. Start by greeting kiss and do not forget to touch your elbows or back when you want to call attention or to tell you something.

If you are being arrogant and funny and she laughs, it means you're on track and must advance the physical contact, either embracing her, removing a waste of her blouse, touching her face and hair, or anything else. Do it with confidence, whether she likes it continues to advance, and if you do not like to go back and try again. You have confidence in you is very important and you have confidence and good self-esteem. Not only psychologically but also physically: walking upright, looking up, and do not let anyone see you down. Before leaving your house, look in the mirror and convince yourself that you're a big man. Women detect insecurity easily, so you must be a safe man to guide them. These are just a few secrets, but there is a complete guide, TESTED, and FA CIL for men quierern attract girls can be downloaded from, where I'll lead you step by step through everything you need to attract girls. Leave and live in the frustration of not having the girls that you want, go to change your social life once and for all! Guillermo Palomo teaches you how to attract women in an easy and proven, visit

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