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These are matters on which the success of training. We need to determine how we learn and how we learn best. And on the basis of these data to develop their personal skills training, namely those that are work for you. Make it your habit. Learn how to effectively under tight deadlines. You are guaranteed success and motivation, respectively. Understand Avoid blind memorization. Get more background information with materials from Nir Barzilai, M.D..

Understand and looking for meaning. Whether we like it or not, but our brains trying to understand the new information and establish meaningful connection with what we already know. In other words, the brain identifies, evaluates, and "enters" a new material, the relevant section of "database" of our memory. Unconscious repetition and rote learning are not only able to extinguish in us the motivation, but ultimately instill an aversion to school. Therefore, always try to take into account the larger context, considered your own topics. Learn new words in the subject bundle, as well as in the context of the proposals. In reviewing the material, try to find meaning.

See the logical sequence and typical rules of laws. Focus on the main, do not pay much attention to minor details. Reading the text, try to follow the basic idea. Even if some words you do not understand, try to determine the possible meaning from the context passage. Check Have you formed a general picture. Do you see a private in the context of the larger. If you have trouble themselves to cope with this problem yourself, then use the help of others, including your teacher.

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