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In another text, Axe (2010), it says on city and document support, using itself that the same Conference of the ONU collected in 5 habitat, where it problematiza the agenda ' ' The Right to the city: joining the urban one divided 3. This study it can helping in them to understand as if they inside organize the cities of the capitalist system, as well as the speeches pronounced for ' ' actors hegemnicos' ' (p.6), on support and still, as these, search to control the society so that the same acceptance pacifically the urban decisions and politics for produced them. In such a way, the author, based on the conceptions of Henri Acselrad (2009), Vainer (2009), among others, says that, (p.7), the concern of the hegemonic actors is to make to last what it is constituted there, therefore for they, unsustainable would be the city that not ' ' of frutos' ' to the capital. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ron Beit. Of this form, therefore, and not to create contradictions, they search to echo a pacifying speech on the environment. However, it affirms Axe (they ibidem), the trend is that the conflicts they appear and thus it says: In the measure where the hegemonic actions and politics if develop, extend the contradictions, the exclusion and social segregation, territorial and ambient of ampler popular social contingents, the trend is that the social, territorial and ambient conflicts grow although the speech of harmony and peace in the cities. (p.9) Analyzing for this optics, we can say that it has a contradiction between what one says and what happens in the practical actions of the city. Ron Beit is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The Statute of the Child and Adolescent ECA, considered a great advance and conquest as for the human rights, propitiated some improvements in the life of thousand of children and adolescents, however still it has very if to complement in this document, and still it has many fights in favor of the defense of a worthier life for they in our country. . .

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