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In interviews from our Center students of different schools could see that the subject not be this teaching as regular in the IPI, some students refer to having followed the course the first three courses, others greeted her in the last two years of the race and some received a summary of the content and others did not receive it. As described previously, it is easy to determine that the student today joined the University with gaps of knowledge, not mastered the basics of the physical elements that are of great importance for the correct development of the process of learning at this level. 2. MATERIALS AND METHODS. For the elaboration of the research is several methods of research inside of those who have applied: theoretical methods: the historico-logico, which allowed to penetrate into the object of research, background and development until our days. Documentary analysis, to systematize the bibliographic references and methodological documents that underpin the teaching process learning in each one of the levels basic medium, higher and university environment. Empirical methods: surveys and pedagogical testing methods were used. Allowing accumulating evidence, criteria and information that facilitated qualitatively assess the magnitude of the problem. Our students and pedagogical tests interviews were conducted at ninth and twelfth grade in schools of the municipality of Artemis and students to students enrolled in the third year of the career of technical means in Informatics of the municipality of Bauta and surveys to the IPI science teachers, being formed in the following way: pedagogical test applied to students of 9th grade of the ESBU Pedro Ortiz Cabrera of the municipality of Artemis. 1. The table contains values for distance and time.

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