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The Chemistry Education In Schools


for many students hate specialist number one what would be our world without chemistry? We owe almost all technical progress by developed countries of chemistry. What would have been the world without the important chemists like Liebig, Sir Humphry Davy, the couple Curie or Alfred Nobel? A question that can no longer answer. Is fixed, we were strongly inhibited in our industrial and especially medical progress. Chemistry is one of the most exciting science. Unfortunately, interest in the interesting professional students lost more and more. The student numbers at the universities of sink more and more.

A trend that is becoming more and more for a long time. A study of chemistry is considered by many students as something unattainable what is further enhanced by the high drop-out rate. Despite State support of schools in the area of science in school, you can make it not to stop the trend. Many interesting attempts at schools are no longer carried out. This is to the one, that even for teachers obtaining chemicals is becoming increasingly difficult. A chemical order is more and more a huge bureaucracy.

(Study all safety data sheets final whereabouts statements, use of chemicals, etc.) On the other hand, some attempts at schools may no longer be carried. The chemistry is almost only still theoretically taught in many schools. A sad development, because chemistry is and was always an experimental subject. If you now ask students what subject they would banish to the loved ones of the timetable, the answer comes to almost 80 percent: “Chemistry.” Pupils must be included again in the teaching of chemistry and tests must be performed. Chemistry should be again an exciting and popular subject. So said an active countermeasures against the present situation. But, as one has to imagine exactly to the countermeasures? Chemistry must again be experimental subject. I know many schools already do well to heed this, on the other hand, I know but also schools, the alldieses is not affected. And that is sad! The schools that do nothing for your chemistry class, can either do not, or do not want. I cannot help those who do not want… Those who want, and can’t for various reasons, but for which I have over 2-year work in a solution I can think of: there are many chemistry education of DVD’s. However, I have to date never where the videos in excellent quality, and the particular are affordable ones found. K12 school site licenses to pay for about 300 euro, I think it’s clearly covered. Who private offers k12 school site licenses for about 300 euro, which actually lost sight of the goal, and it comes which also no longer to provide cheap high-quality tests to schools, but to earn himself properly for the most part. Just it’s not about me. At my schools can a chemistry education DVD with 100 tests of General and inorganic chemistry for 42.50 euro in the single license and acquire 68,50 euro in the school license. This DVD will be again the possibility schools, which mostly abandoned for various reasons attempts, to present their students attempts.

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