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It's clear you do not know, he is charged or not. Knowing the name of this script, you can easily find the right, but not knowing will have to dig. And when at last searches succeed, it turns out the script fee. Visit Edward Minskoff for more clarity on the issue. You can certainly buy it, I do not argue, but in this case, we consider the question of searching for free material. And so, to achieve the desired result, I suggest you do the following: 1. Create a host in the browser that you use often (Opera, Mozilla), it is not important folder on your bookmarks bar. Name as you prefer, "search folder", or "sites to search." Throw in this directory sites that you caught on request from the search engines, it is desirable that these sites could leave comments or questions.

Important! Be sure to check out the latest comments, I mean the number that did not get to the site which is no longer anyone's control. Add to your understanding with Nir Barzilai, M.D.. Collect, review and select the most lively sites or forums, at least 10, and can be more-more likely, so do not forget to subscribe to email notification of new comments or responses. 2. More contact the author lists you are subscribed to. At this point special attention.

Any author you need help. Even if you just can not give you the right information, it is not him, he will try to find it and with all this, your chance is increased at least two. Remember the phrase: 'We are responsible for those who tamed', here and use it. And there is nothing to be ashamed of in this no. After all, teaching others, the author himself is trained in not lesser degree. And finally, why all this should be? And should all this in order to find exactly what you need. Asking the same question at all sites and forums, while still loading their authors' lists, which are most likely to help you, you thereby reduces almost to a minimum the risk of not finding what you need on relevant issues. Using this method one hundred, you can get even more information than expected in the the beginning of the search. There is one important point. Some professionals or writers can help free of charge, opening his little secret or trick. Take this!

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