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Secrets Of A Beautiful Smile


Dentists have shown that the teeth of our ancestors were healthier more often than we do. Firstly, they are rarely eaten. Only two or three times a day. The remaining time in the mouth naturally supports the acid-alkaline balance – Wednesday protects teeth. Second, more loaded with teeth, because food was harder. 20-th century brought into vogue a fractional power, and we are constantly chew, snack, and in short breaks to drink tea and coffee, flavored with sugar. The second cause of disease our teeth – no load. All soft and cooked. But only if the chewing gum tissue load is sufficiently supplied with blood and oxygen. The teeth should chew at least half to two hours a day. We usually provide teeth chewing exercise for no longer than forty minutes per day. Do not forget that none of the most expensive prosthesis is not a substitute for a healthy tooth. And because it's time to review the methods of dental care and make it regular and constant. Soft plaque, enveloping teeth, the root cause of stone formation and decay. The risk of its occurrence is reduced by ten times, subject to a daily oral hygiene.

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