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Castro Island


Come and raise a glass – "Yammas!" ("To your health!"). The main town of Mykonos – Hora – the most beautiful port city of Greece. In the middle of the white house reminiscent of cubes, domes and crosses stand many churches. On top of a mountain visible picturesque windmills. Here, the brooks narrow streets, paved with slabs, you can to join the vibrant island with countless trendy cafes, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Every street is a picturesque scene, every angle – its own kind of discovery. Everything here is the contrast: white houses and windmills, turquoise sea, blue windows.

Around the pier can be seen catching fish pelican Petros – a living mascot of Mykonos. Castro – the oldest part of town – lies high above the coastal area. K site of the old fortress walls attached Ethnographic Museum, one of the best in Greece. One of the most unusual exhibits – the first stuffed pelican Petros, who served as a living mascot of the island as much as 29 years. In collection has fully recovered and a windmill of the xvi century with malehankoy area for threshing and dovecote. In Castro is also the most eminent church Mykonos-Panayia Paraportiani constantly portrayed at all postcards, and marketing brochures. Built on the site of lateral exit from the medieval castle, this church is composed of 4 hours on the lower level and one upstairs.

Part of the building was erected in 1425, the rest is finished in During the XVI-XVII centuries. From Castro streets going down to quarter painters Alefkandra ("Little Venice"). Three-story houses painted balconies, where the posted comfortable cafes and restaurants, hovering just above the sea, the warm waves broken down the wall. Near the square stands the old cathedral. In the Archaeological Museum, located near the port, put up a large collection of Roman and Hellenistic carvings, pottery, jewelry, tombstones, and ancient finds from the island of Dilos. In the evenings you can, sitting on the terrace restaurant Kepris, enjoy a delightful sunset. At night active discotheques and restaurants with live music. Prestigious nightclubs "Mercedes" and "Muses", "Argo", "Astra" do not let you like this public until the morning. Roars of rock music, sounds sweet jazz, singing . Mykonos – the city that never sleeps.

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