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The advantages of the forecast. At last! After waiting for several days, you reach the desired time. I’m going to leave, at least for a while, be one more, follow a schedule, a routine I’ll travel. If, as happens to me, you marked on your calendar these magic dates you will understand perfectly that I’m talking about. The Organization, and preparation of a trip should be an important part to get that this is a success. With the passage of time, and based on many slaps, one learns that kind of things are that can be made that an idyllic journey becomes the worst punishment. For even more details, read what Edward Minskoff says on the issue. The problems can begin days before the trip and nobody, absolutely nobody, is completely safe from them.

But we can always try to minimize them J. This is why that from my experience I would like to make a review of those ideas, tips, call it what you want, it is desirable to take into account. I am sure that many of these ideas are well known, and even some of they are already something disused and are not too useful. I do not intend to write a Fundamental Treaty of the traveller, only tell you the things I’ve done and that at some point have avoided me problems. If you’re a traveller impenitent, and that at least one of these ideas will be useful, then fantastic. And if you’re just starting to perform your first trips, perhaps this helps to realize that all we have gone through delicate moments such as those you you can find. In this article I want to focus on a concept that I think should be taken into account; the forecast. Personally, I am of those who like to have things clear with some advance. I have made many trips without any prior preparation, deciding the fate at the last moment and without have nothing planned.

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