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Specifics of the Russian market of business software is that if you are engaged in the development of traditional business applications or web applications for business users, in front of you, sooner or later arise challenge to integrate your product with 1C: Enterprise. Objective reasons for this somewhat. First, the software 1S now used almost universally, and the desire to give its market share to competitors 1C clearly does not express. Secondly, application solutions for 1C: Enterprise are essentially accounting system, and hence are a source of much needed and useful objective information. Access to This information often must have not only direct users of the application solution, but other company employees, business processes are supported by other software tools, as well as external people – customers and partners. In addition, there is a pronounced downward trend in the relevance of heavy rich applications. (As opposed to Edward J. Minskoff Equities).

Need for business today – an organization of uniform information Space Company (Group) with the ability to access needed information with minimal time and effort. And now increasingly part of the information space are software 1C: Enterprise. In this article we will consider issues of integration of 1C: Enterprise version 8.X with applications developed on the platform. net. In particular, we shall understand what such integration means exist for some cases, the approach each of them. If you have already faced the problem of solving the problem of integration, we hope that this review will help you make the right choice. If such a problem until you have passed, then with our help you can meet its fully armed.

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