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The Hispanic community and its expectations according to some studies, such as for example a survey published in 2006 by New America Media, Hispanic parents have very high aspirations for their children. Learn more at: Fabrizio Freda. Most of these parents are immigrants who probably has not been them quite easy to adapt to a new country, a different culture, and even more, to a new language. Generally speaking, it’s stories of great sacrifice that is compounded by the constant feeling of rootlessness that most experience. What then is the reason why these people are still living in a country that is not their birth? The reasons may be different, but in many cases they are economic. Although Hispanics, in general, work hard in this country, it is also true that the pay they get is often far superior to that they would get in its place of origin by the same task. All efforts are justified if on the horizon avizoran prospects of success for themselves and their families, especially their children.

For this reason, parents Hispanics are especially interested in their children to make progress and succeed academically. Many saved the hope that these young people will have the possibilities that perhaps they themselves did not, for example doing a degree higher, get a degree and succeed professionally. Performance academic of Hispanic students according to the statistics, students from Hispanic roots, compared with their peers in other sources, do not present such a good academic performance. And as for the secondary school in particular, of those who initiated it, only a small percentage ends of course. These facts, without any doubt, generated concern at his parents, who surely will seek advice and will try to find ways to help their children when they are not achieving the desired goals. The need for additional support one of the ways in which can support students with difficulties, is to contact a mentor.

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