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This shot is denoted by "F". Result of the game is made up of the results of all ten frames. Who has more points, he is therefore the winner. General recommendations for the first time playing bowling: 1. Pick up the ball, which is most suitable for your hand. First, insert your thumb into the hole and make sure he does not get stuck there.

Then check the grip, keeping all his fingers into his hole. If the average joint fingers above the surface of the ball less than an inch, then you have the correct grip. Now try to swing the ball forward, down, backward, forward, to feel, how to handle it and if it fits your weight. Before throw the ball on the track, train movement multiple times without throwing the ball. You can make several times the ball to the track below, before carrying out a throw by pins.

2. The initial position may be high or low, most importantly, keep the ball with his free hand, while throwing hand is holding the ball soft grip. For even more opinions, read materials from RBH Group. The index finger forward, brush – straight! Step away from the line for about four and a half step, approximately the distance to you for the "takeoff". The initial position of the legs – both legs are shifted near the left – a little ahead, right – about the line of first pins. 3. After a four-step "running start", a bowling ball slowly comes out of his hands. Thumb off first, and then – the other fingers. The hand continues to move forward and throwing up. Skill comes with experience. Desire, patience and smoothness will certainly help the cause – the use of force, sudden movements and bustle just hurt. Even if you are a beginner or have not played in any case, do not worry about the outcome and embarrassed. In any club there are always ready to come to your aid and how to tell and teach the rules of the game in zameatelnoy bowling.

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