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NOISY schools and a children’s choir will be singing lesson: thousand times hundred, one hundred thousand; thousand times thousand, a million Antonio Machado. THE noisy environment affects the language development rising levels of noise on the outside have been invading nuclei of population, without that there were provisions to limit this deterioration. Traffic management has made intense instead of reducing a few streets circulation see scattered throughout the city. Learn more about this with Related Group. In this way previously calm considerable areas have deteriorated in its external environment. On the other hand, many of the educational facilities have been locating improperly near major sources of noise either, as in the case of roads, can be traversed with paths too close to some educational institutions. The protection of this area against noise not could be added, largely because the criteria protection for this type of pollution is not part of urban planning. Since ago years known harmful effects caused by the noise. The damage caused through hearing is perhaps the best-known, but especially at the level of the quality of listening and the intelligibility of communications is where manifests itself with greater clarity the effects of noise.

Investigations of the past two decades have highlighted the impact of noise on the school environment. Disturbance of the intelligibility of oral communication is particularly serious when it comes to the formation of the students and the mental development of the younger generations. The noisy environment affects the development of the language, as well as the acquisition of reading in all early childhood and elementary school which are the two capitals periods for intellectual development. The main effects are: loss of significance of the content of the teaching of teachers, vocal fatigue, reduction of attention from students, mistakes in the intelligibility of words and even whole sentences. The understanding of the word in a classroom is a function of the background noise.

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