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But then he thought, that does not necessarily go to another country to experience the same feeling – isolation, misunderstanding, indifference. And even sympathetic gestures, they say, we would be glad to help, but can not. Indeed, all too thing we have going on at home, every second. Between spouses, between parents and children. Between men and women, co-workers, just in the crowd on the street. This state has become a constant in our world. Our ego makes us deaf and blind to each other.

The global crisis is proof of that. Understanding is only about their welfare. The world, as if from a small startanuv ancient Babylon, made a huge time round, and landed at the same place. Only in the global Babylon, called 'Planet Earth', with all the modern attributes. But understanding is not reached. It is believed that the word 'Babylon' is derived from the Semitic bab-Illu, meaning 'Gate of God'.

It turns out that God could enter into our world, but human pride prevented this. Seen as an allegory, symbolism or mysticism. However, if you open the kabbalistic sources, everything falls into place. The word 'God' 'The Creator' – means a return to the Kabbalah, a property opposite selfish, human nature. Here is what the Kabbalist Michael Laitman in the book 'The Tower of Babel – the last stage': '… in the territory of ancient Babylon, where it was then mainly concentrated humanity saw the first burst of egoism that has engulfed the entire population of the Mesopotamian region. People want to rule over nature and over the world, selfishly using all their surrounds their own benefit. This explosion of egoism euphemistically described in the Bible as the construction of the Tower of Babel: "Let's build ourselves a city and the tower head to the heavens." However, it is impossible to satisfy his ego directly, and people failed – it severed them. Until then, they were all one people, and now, when every 'conspiracy' self-love, they no longer understand each other. Allegory tells of this as an example of different languages. Hate society was divided people, and they were scattered all over the world. " Then a little scattered mankind across the earth, divided by countries and peoples. But recent world events show that the Earth is not so great. We began to call her a small village, understand the interdependence of each other. Now we have nowhere to disperse. And to our ego does not destroy everything we have to let the Creator in his world, the quality of bestowal and love of neighbor. Because man is those gates, through which the return, love come into the world. And do not demand change from the world, and each start with yourself. Just as I realized you're in another country, that I had to learn the language, as each of us must learn the language understanding and love. And Babel becomes a good understanding and peace. And how to do it, has long been described in the Kabbalah. 01/02/2009

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