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Keyword Density


Perhaps it's no secret that everyone who comes into the world of search engine optimization, quickly realizes that the ideal keyword density – it is an illusion to believe that most of the newcomers. Many of us on top of its work on the Internet using a large number of options for optimizing websites. One of these was repetition of words, phrases on a page – what we then called the ideal density keywords. During this ideal keyword density can be great or even pay pessimizatsiey sauna, that is, removal of the SERPs for a particular query. Under ideal conditions, a high density core Words really can lift you up in search results.

But as practice shows, this luxury can not afford everything, but it is only those sites that are referenced by the largest number of authoritative resources. Once they have a good chance to win a moderate search engine optimization. For example, your site which is located on any free hosting and domain will never rise above hyped project, even if you are on each page to write something like "make a million" or "owls began to fly." The result is that for the ideal keyword density required long and painful days of optimization and more money than you can imagine. In order to successfully get out of this situation there are two options: – promote a web site to a certain height, when it really possible to use a high keyword density words .- make a site for people, not for search engines and forget about search engine optimization. The last of these is preferable for the simple reason that the site every year becomes more and more, and the number competitors and did significantly added every day.

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