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Female Aviation Regiment


No, not for women – war! Here is an ordinary incident of war from the memoirs of Sgt EA Morozova, 'Who just do not have to be during the war: a medical orderly, a donor, submachine gunner, several times went with a group of scouts for the' language 'and the definition location of enemy firing points. Difficult, especially girls. After all, walked shoulder to shoulder with us men, drowned in the swamps froze in the cold huts. I remember going tough fights, there were many wounded and suddenly hear the roar upcoming German, tanks, drive straight into a handful of gunmen. We are prepared to come to grips with the huge black tank with a swastika on the tower.

I grabbed a bottle of fuel, swung and threw her under the tracks tank … Oh, my God, really worked … The tank stopped and burst into flames. The men cheered and with force and fury of the machines to beat the German infantry. When the attack was repulsed, I sat silently on the ground trench.

Approached the soldiers, looked me in the eye, smiled: 'And you. Kate, well done !'… And I do not understand what they say. I did not remember what she did, I did everything as well as soldiers-men '. About 800 thousand women have fought against the fascists. They served in different armies – the majority of hospitals (61% nurses were women), in units of communication (80%) and traffic troops (nearly half of the composition). He was famous female Aviation Regiment ("Night Witches").

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