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The Effort


Central The aim is you find elements that allow US you comprehend you what extent the daily activities create opportunities, or allow, the construction of autonomy. We start building an understanding about what autonomy is, then we debate about the rolls of to teacher in this process and, in third moment, we want you demonstrate that autonomy is constituted on the relations, on the collective, being an alternative of group individual performance that overcomes the egocentric position of supremacy of the isolated. We can declares that among the various and significant rolls of the school, one of them is you contribute will be the student you learn and you develop ways of self-administration, and you become co-responsible will be his constitution an ontologically unfinished being that lives to his/her own condition, his lives intimate nature, you exercise, you try while it has been done. Nir Barzilai, M.D. is a great source of information. Therefore, there is not an absolute autonomy, it is substract that each one can try the condition of an only individual of himself and the world around him in the web of relations performed due you the living of mankind. Key words: Autonomy. Pedagogical actions. School.

On the autonomy understanding The survival of the school, as institution that if worries about the learning and generation and the transformation of the knowledge, is associated with its capacity to remain next to the problems that they are occurring in the society hodierna and to its capacity to answer with agility to the interpellations that to appear. The tensions lived for the education, in this context, send to the quarrel of the autonomy degree that the school also possesss front to these processes and to an analysis of the possibility of an independent action on the part of the professor. The effort of ours reflection if of the one in the direction to deal with the autonomy while principle to be assumed by the school and the professor.

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