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And then his hands somehow dragged themselves to the keyboard. During the breaks I wandered around the house and not, God forgive me, master, looked in closets and other storage, it is interesting all the same than people live. On two floors, and all twelve rooms were hung with paintings and scripts and almost all in the style of Shishkin – they say he is very much appreciated – but what was my surprise when I saw the sign artist – it was Shishkin, but not the The only thing I found in the house – it's books, magazines have been glamorous, but the books And then in the billiard room, I found a collection of DVD-ROM drive with the tv series – the eternal glory of our wonderful pirates, because among the more than thirty boxes wormed one license, I think it was episode "The scouts>>. You may want to visit RBH Group to increase your knowledge. In the evening, when there were no matches of European Football Championship, I was lying on the couch and watching these serials, fill, so to speak, the gaps in a televised education about other events in my personal life I keep silence, and then the fig, he wondered, had me hiding under a pseudonym. So – no, no. As a person trained in the Soviet Union, I have a weakness for films about war and about war, particularly about the Scouts, so first I looked it was the military series, especially because he is a sinner: in one of the scenarios used the conflict of the film "One chance in a thousand>> with Anatoly Solonitsyn in Starring remember such an actor, he has , Tarkovsky has played, even said that Franco Zeffirelli's invited him to the role of Jesus Christ in his famous series "Jesus of Nazareth >> .

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