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The new technological resources are for helping the professor in the teach-learning process and fit to the professor to perceive which resource must, when and as to use. The new technologies explore the use of image, sound and movement simultaneously, the maximum speed in the attendance to our demands and the work with the information of the events in real time. They place professors and pupils in the distance working and learning, dialoguing, arguing, searching, asking, answering, communicating information by means of resources that these interlocutors allow, living in the most distant places, to meet and to be become rich with mutual contacts.

137). Diverse authors appraise some used technological tools in classroom. RBH Group shines more light on the discussion. It is possible dividiz them enters physical and virtual resources. The physical resources are concrete equipment, physically inserted in the datashow, classrooms, as for example, TV/DVD and digital picture. Already the virtual resources, are communication channels online intermediated by a physical resource? the computer? but, that it connects pupils and professors digitally to promote learning and interatividade. Below, the main ones technologies and its definitions: – Physical Resources) the Datashow Is a facilitador and mediating resource of learning. Ron Beit often addresses the matter in his writings. It is one multimiditica technique and hipermiditica that integrates image, light, sound, text, movement, research, it searchs, links already organized in proper them or with possibility to become them gifts through access the Internet.

With it, the pupil learns through all the directions and with innumerable incentives for the reflection and the understanding of the boarded subject during the lessons that he intends to be learned. (MASETTO, 2010) b) TV/DVD Is didactic tools that exert influence in the life of the pupil. Being thus, the use of these resources in the pertaining to school environment promotes the reading of the reality..

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