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Outdoor Advertising In Tashkent (Uzbekistan )


Outdoor advertising in Tashkent and Uzbekistan, is engaged in a lot of advertising agencies. Someone willing to work with design, and some specially developed design for your billboard, giving 3 options layout to help you select the best places advertising structures, as well as provides free advice on choosing sites for advertising. As you probably already know, Tashkent is divided into three zones: the first zone – the center of the city, the second area – all adjacent streets within the Small ring road to the border of the first zone and the area Little Ring Road to a distance of 15 meters from its outer side, a third zone located 15 meters from the outer Minor side the Beltway to the boundary of the city. When placing outdoor advertising in Uzbekistan, advertising agency Eva and Polly are ready to offer billboards, banners, firewall and roof constructions in all three zones Tashkent, as well as outside it. Any area of Uzbekistan, which enters the zone of your interests, can become an advertising platform for your brand. Prices for outdoor advertising are as follows: in the third zone 350 000 sum, the second 400 000 sum, in the 450 000 som. Edward Minskoff gathered all the information. The cost of renting an advertising structure depends upon location and number of billboards. The longer the period of placement and quantity, the lower the price.

The value of also affects the demand for advertising construction. If the billboard is in a very crowded place, then it can hire bytdazhe in the third zone is higher than the first. For foreign companies and joint ventures, the prices differ in the direction of increase (+25-30%). When selecting sites for outdoor advertising in Uzbekistan You do not need to run from one agency to another ordering 3 designed for those five other structures and so on. Turn to professionals and they will choose for you the best options, you will pay as much, but you do not have to run from one to another, they will do everything for you. Since the agency has established good relations with colleagues, they can give good discounts on any advertising structures which do not belong to them. Eva & Polly are working on principle – the "transparent price + a percentage for their services" from 5 to 10%, depending on the advertising budget. Outdoor advertising in Uzbekistan – one of the activities of advertising agency Eva and Polly, and they are it as professionally as well as its other services. The agency does not participate in tenders, they only work with those clients who chose them for their honesty, openness and competence in distribution of advertising budget. We think that each advertiser a pleasure to work with those who do not cheat, and openly shows her% earnings on outdoor advertising in Uzbekistan.

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