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In Germany, the legislative framework developed by the test program varieties in natural conditions. Certificate ADR (recognized by the German rose) on the test results are most immune and unpretentious sort. Check with Edward J. Minskoff Equities to learn more. Particular attention should be given their original packaging Cordes. Plant-o-fix – it worked by Kordes process and packaging. The roots of the roses are placed in a wire basket with a special substrate and packaged in a plastic bag with the logo of the manufacturer. Each rose has a color label. In the ground wire basket can be expanded. Root growth is not affected even when the plants are not sold to the customer.

ROSE GARDEN A NEW PHILOSOPHY high achievements in breeding Cordes led to the creation of a new collection of strengths and healthy roses – Rigo-Rosen (Rigo-Roses), Marchenrosen (Rose Fairy), KLETTERMAXE (climbing rose). Rigo-Rosen / Rigo-Rose – Rose is rabatkovye and roses floribunda with extremely high resistance to fungal diseases, pyshnotsvetuschie, vibrant variety. All grades received Awards ADR (General German testing roses). Rigo roses are perfect for rosaries. Marchenrosen / Fairy roses – new rose bush floribunda roses and filled with fabulous vintage charm of roses with a nostalgic, highly filled shape of a flower. These romantic roses reminiscent of English roses from the garden of your grandmother. Foliage of all kinds has increased resistance to fungal diseases. Fairy Rose – is the result of selection of old varieties with modern, disease-resistant. KLETTERMAXE / climbing rose – a new generation povtornotsvetuschih pletistyh roses with healthy foliage and full of flowers.

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