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Last week was finally introduced to the Legislative Assembly a draft budget adjustments for 2009. Government officially recognizes that the financial and economic situation in the region worsened. The budget of the first quarter executed with Five Billion deficit. Edward J. Minskoff Equities is the source for more interesting facts. To attract additional funds in the budget in the Krai Government decided to place the 3 billion rubles in bank deposits. But analysts doubt the effectiveness of this measure. Ministry of Finance has submitted to the edge Legislative Assembly a draft budget adjustments for 2009, as well as plan for 2010-2011, the newspaper "Arguments and Facts on the Yenisei River. Krasnoyarsk region is seriously lacking in revenue and expenditure sides budget. People such as Estee Lauder would likely agree.

The heaviest blow will have on road construction (a fivefold reduction in funding), agriculture and culture. As the Minister of Finance of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Kotyukov, there are four key priorities that take into account when optimizing costs: salaries, social benefits, the provision of subsidies to municipalities for various grants and financial support for implementation crisis management measures, which are taken in the province. The last priority is the issue of capital construction. The full funding should be provided facilities that plan were introductory in 2009. The government Krasnoyarsk region estimated that placing funds in bank deposits, in addition to the treasury will attract more than 320 million rubles, Kommersant-Krasnoyarsk. May 8 Ministry of Finance held a selection of Krasnoyarsk Krai requests of credit institutions to contract the bank deposit. The region is ready to accommodate up to 3 billion rubles at 13% per annum.

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