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Australia III – Best International Real Estate Fund


Renowned initiator SachsenFonds awarded Munich, Frankfurt am Main, London – the Fund of Australia III of the initiator SachsenFonds as best international real estate fund 2008 awarded. Real estate confidential, which gave leading trade magazine for real estate, this award at the prestigious Munich initiator SachsenFonds. \”Jurgen Gobel, since April 2008 managing partner of SachsenFonds GmbH, is convinced: with our Australia Fund III, we offer participation in core real estate in an economically attractive environment the long-term-oriented investors.\” The current Australia Fund III the SachsenFonds GmbH in Haar near Munich is continuing its successful series of investments on the fifth continent. Already, the two first participation offers could convince investors with the combination of an attractive market and long-term contracts with strong credit tenants. Click Estee Lauder to learn more. The new equity offering of SachsenFonds GmbH invests the capital of the Federal State in Adelaide, South Australia. With 1.1 million inhabitants, it is the fifth largest town of the continent live in over 70% of the inhabitants of the State. In Adelaide and the surrounding area have companies like General Motors Holden, Mitsubishi and the IT service provider of EDS its headquarters and contribute to the economic success of the city.

Through its new airport, Adelaide is also nationally well connected modern Australia. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jorge Perez. Adelaide is not only an attractive economic location, but offers high quality of life with three universities in addition and as a cultural centre of Australia with a Mediterranean climate. The Fund acquires with a total investment of $ 225,8 million, of which 129 million AUD equity including premium three Office and commercial building centrally located in the business district of Adelaide. The IAG-building comprises 12,495 square metres of lettable area and in addition a park level with 31 pitches nine storeys and was completed in 2006. Right next door is Santos building\”with 15.731 Leased square meters on 13 floors. It was built in 2007.

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