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In the writing we go applying to the understanding of practical ours. We go perceiving the group, its movement, go raising questions on what she is necessary to improve in the day the day, together with our children, to give more attention, to review strategies. Thus rescuing, the lived adventure and the growth that it provoked all in grupo.’ ‘ (OSTETTO, OLIVEIRA and MESSINA, 2001, p.23). I think to be basic to also count on participation, in this work, of the responsible ones for the children and other citizens that compose the pertaining to school environment (merendeira, pedagogical coordination, to assist of cleanness), therefore I believe that the group where we develop our work is not isolated of a context and for thus being, to that they also coexist next to these children also add values, conceptions and action, thus not having, to be of is of this process. Thus, in sharing to know and daily experiences we will go composing our trajectory, attemped to give sensible the practical one that we play and leaving space pra that this, either permeada of also felt for that they follow in them.

It will be then, through the beauty of the collective memory and of that we will construct our history, being capable thus, to intervine in the routes of the same one.

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