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Christoph Marloh real estate 24 via negative real interest rates as a challenge for foundations the inflation rise and have yields of U.S. Securities far behind left. The consumer price index rose this year by 2.7% – 1.5% the average of the last ten years. Nearly 4.5%, the index of perceived inflation (IWI), based on a higher weighting of daily goods and reflects the issue reality of many beneficiaries rose already in February of this year. At a yield of German Government bonds by about 1.5% p.a. a negative income of the Foundation’s assets by 1% results in 3% per annum.

“Since foundations do many tasks that relieve the State, inflation leads to restrict civic use or an unwanted move to bureaucratic structures”, says Christoph Marloh, Managing Director of real estate 24 Emissionshaus GmbH. More information on Christoph Marloh in this place. The real loss of Financial wealth is not accidental, but the result of State control of the capital. The Commission a draft of the “Basel III” banking directive presented in June of this year, even in the second year of the southern European debt crisis financial institutions of a risk backing all (!) Release of eurozone Government bonds. American economists have analyzed the successful interaction of expansive federal reserve policy and state capital steering to reduce public deficits.

So the US debt could be reduced through a long period of negative real interest rates, (1973) by 117% of GNP (1945) to 35 per cent of GNP. German newspapers said in this context since the spring of this year “Interest robbery” as “Financial repression”. With German interest houses, foundations are obliged by law to preserve stocks of the Endowment value is retained. The Foundation laws of countries also require that for the achievement of the purpose of the Foundation only on the proceeds of the assets but not can be used on the substance of the assets.

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