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Time ago that European governments want the EU to adopt a President and a permanent Chancellor, and a Parliament with more power capable of void national vetoes. They were so confident that its inhabitants would support them to that initially (in 2005) submitted the draft European Constitution referendums. After that France and Holland voted massively for the NO, European leaders decided to reformulate those schemes in the Lisbon Treaty; which should be ratified by the parliaments, but not by peoples. Continue to learn more with: Edward Minskoff. However, (Ireland) has made the only country that was required to vote by the broad and forceful way no. If the EU is consistent with democracy should call the remaining 26 countries go to referendums or to delete the new Treaty. However, what is being cooked is disdaining any popular consultation to impose this Covenant either forcing Ireland call another referendum or to slow its status, or giving way to two categories of membership within the EU. Original author and source of the article.

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