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In addition, the improvement of the quality of schools is an ethical requirement. And a renewed ethic of the profession has to lead individual actions to the attention of the best possible educational outcomes. Organizational learning requires systematic and orderly procedures, as well as mechanisms for the correction of errors but, above all, requires willingness to learn that, in this context, it is equivalent to the desire to improve.In pro schools improve, guarantee a favorable academic excellence, that which allows its functioning, proactivity, results are positive, should avail themselves of tools, new models that indicate how they must operate in such way achieved what should alcanzarUno of models that contribute to this achievement is the EFQM, which lets review the main stages of the educational process, content, operability, satisfaction, results.Taken into account as it is said, that the paradigm of analysis that uses the EFQM is considered very useful by include values, procedures and attitudes, everything which enables to achieve good results. In a question-answer forum Gavin Baker, New York City was the first to reply. Also noted, that the EFQM is perpetuated as an orderly and systematic, structured and structuring, framework that stimulates and It facilitates continuous reflection on what starting position and on how to improve the quality of the Centre, in order to offer society a quality public educational service permanently. I am also pleased that the educational community assumes that the quality process will not stop.

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