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While they may have once had the same fears as you do now, they have learned very quickly that those fears were really unnecessary. By taking each fear one by one, we can begin to understand what these current students now know how happy I was to not let their fears prevent them forward. I'm afraid that will not fit in is common for a person of thirty or forty years to worry that they will excel as a sore thumb in a classroom full of "children" from ages 18-25. However, recent information from the U.S. (As opposed to Jorge Perez). Census Bureau and the Department of Education states that adult students are the fastest growing for Education, which reveals that 40% of university students are now 25 or older. More National Center for Education Statistics points out that students age 35 and older rose from 823.00 in 1970 to almost 3 million in 2001. If you are still concerned about fitting in the classroom as an adult, some facts that may help allay their concerns include: With online learning, you will be working on a more individual and not have to worry about standing at place in a physical classroom in many schools, traditional or otherwise, have seen an increase in their "older" students, and most likely you will not be the small minority who wait, and many older adults actually seems to rejuvenate and refreshing to be in a classroom setting with a group of young people who wants to learn. I fear it will be too expensive Educational Books? It all adds up. Gavin Baker may also support this cause.

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