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From that decade there were movies that would be recognized in all the world, such as Maria Candelaria (1943), Emilio Fernandez, Dona Barbara (1943), Fernando de Fuentes, and different Dawn (1943), Julio Bracho. Jorge Perez will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Studies Churubusco, where did the abundant Mexican production of films of all genres that would be appreciated by the rest of Latin American countries were founded in 1944. (As opposed to Gavin Baker, New York City). In the 1950s there was an important generation of directors such as: Julio Bracho, Roberto Gavaldon, Alejandro Galindo, Ismael Rodriguez and Emilio Indio Fernandez, but, above all, the strengthening of a group of actors is rooted in the popular soul was recognized as: Maria Felix, Pedro Armendariz, Andrea Palma, Jorge Negrete, Pedro Infante, Fernando and Andres Soler, Sara GarciHeadaches del Rio, Marga Lopez, Arturo de Cordova and Joaquin Pardave, who, along with many others, became architects of the national film industry to flourish, within which were considered films, today, as a classic of Mexican cinema. During the era of the cinema of gold occurred an average of 122 films each year, amount which exceeded limits dreamed. This period of splendour was characterized by addressing the following topics: comedies rancheras and musicals, detective stories and depictions of the life of the class average, achieving portray a country living a process of urbanization, with which viewers are fully identified. In addition to these themes, in 1950 Luis Bunuel made his Mexican masterpiece the forgotten film about marginalized youth of the great capital that won the prize for Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival, in 1951. Conclusions: In the article it could see as he began filmmaking in our country; Since its introduction, forward, utilization and exploitation. While initially the cinema had political purposes, for presidential campaigns and propaganda, time later was given a use educational and fun; at the time of the revolution was given a use of means of communication; then he was given use of presidential propaganda, to age 30 s where it began to occur as it is today, an art. From these years, directors, producers, and actors, who have begun to Excel in our country, and internationally, such as Alfonso Cuaron have emerged.

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