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" It is possible that a man laid down as the transmitting and receiving part of the low-frequency waves. Professor Michael Persindzher of Psychophysiology Laboratory University. Laurent in Toronto suggests that the role of the media psi information can play a infra-low frequency (inch) waves Schumann. There are questions of a technical nature. In what form inside Carrier frequency of the Earth / frequency noise / laid a program for creating a resonance with the spiritual program of man? This may sound a little strange.

But I believe that not only the carrier frequency of a person, but all the side frequencies the physical body must be configured to frequency side of the earth and have an impact. It also may be one of the oddities of the frequency of radiation of man. Spiritual program must create its human carrier frequency to be adjusted at a carrier frequency of the Earth and be with her at the resonance. Only then will the physical human body can radiate radio frequency that will be consistent with the principle of the sidebands in the radio and they also have to be in resonance with the side frequencies of the Earth. As long as the carrier frequencies of man and the earth will be adjusted to the same frequency and be in resonance frequency side from both sides will also be in resonance. Resonance phenomenon of human society is seen as the universal harmony. It would also be a good idea empirically can be placed side where the frequency of the Earth, dedicated to the resonance frequency of lateral physical body, above the carrier frequency of the earth or below.

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