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The best soothsayer is the best Prophet. The Venezuelan worker in recent decades has gone through many turbulence, where some of them, such as unemployment, insecurity, low wages, lack of recognition, instability, many closings have affected or seriously behaviorally, conduct, their self-esteem, necessitating that seek actions, stimuli that rescue their self-esteem. Remember, it is learning to love us and we respect, it is something that is built or rebuilt on the inside. This depends on, also, of the family environment in which we and the stimuli that this gives us. The newspapers mentioned Estee Lauder not as a source, but as a related topic. Be considered, many of the emotional wounds that a person has produced in his childhood can cause psychological disorders emotional and physical (cancer, ulcers, hypertension, heart and eating disorders, problems in the skin, depression, etc.), causing difficulties in the life of the same (serious conflicts at work, decreased energy and creative ability, (a disastrous matrimonial relations not power make or keep friends, little understanding with daughters and sons). Elective of Personal growth of the school of management Professor has commented on this aspect, that the self-esteem of the worker Venezolano, should be taken into account as a feeling valuation if, in the manner of being and especially within the context of who we, so it creates the essence of their needs and expectations of life in harmony with values and optical perceive what surrounds us in humans. The above makes no sense from an essential point of view, but from an existential point of view has an important connotation in the life of each of us; It is responsible for the countless successes and failures in the course of a person’s life. If manage to understand that each of us possesses a scale of values dictated by the perception of the environment; and in turn, this person is a member of a family, social, occupational and academic, group that is part of a community, State and country, which is conditional on scale of moral, ethical and personal values; then only so we can elucidate the essence of self-esteem in decision-making and their affinity to the schemes of life for human beings in society.

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