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You must know that hemorrhoid is an evil that has attacked people from a long time ago, so it is not surprising the use followed by plants to combat this disease. Hemorrhoids usually present pain, swelling, burning and discomfort, and it is why it is important to know that products have the intended effect for safe natural treatments for hemorrhoids. The scents therapies are very special treatments, are used to help relieve pain plants such as frankincense, Juniper, and myrrh, can be used in sitz bath, applying them directly in hemorrhoids, or near areas giving mild body massages. Have a great caution if we use treatments that are applied orally, because many times we use these medicines that heal hemorrhoids, but we must take great care because it can have side effects, with greater reason are more orders of those that are directly applied in hemorrhoids to having local effect outside risks. For more information see this site: Robin Ruzan. Excrement and herbal conditioners are essential for treatments to combat the hemorrhoids, we can mention to aloe vera juice, seeds of plantago, are beverages that give good consistency to the feces, contain fiber and stop bleeding because they do not do injury to hemorrhoids as they pass, are also good when you suffer from constipation.

There is no better treatment than the care and personal conscience, good hygiene helps in quick recovery, not much manipulate the wounds by adding salt, because it helps to fight many microorganisms but causes irritation also more aggravating the problem. Take conscience if we are consuming the right foods, and those suggested are those with fiber. Other natural treatments for hemorrhoids are those recommended by expert naturists, know that plants use and apply them properly, you will discover that very common such as tomato and potato foods have medicinal effects, and beverages such as tea and Chamomile are curative substances.. Energy Capital describes an additional similar source.

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