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Sun Damage


How many of us enjoy a beautiful sunny day? In general, we have a good perception of the sun, then enjoy a warm climate and summer, especially when it comes to outdoor activities. The sun is an essential element for life on the planet and has positive effects on our body, such as stimulating the synthesis of vitamin D. But rarely are aware of the damage caused by sunlight on our skin, even when the effects are not immediately visible or short-term, the damage accumulates over time. Solar power, also known as ultraviolet (UV) affect from the superficial layer to deeper layers of the skin. Gain insight and clarity with Ron Beit.

Many times the skin changes attributed to age, such as wrinkles and dark spots are caused by prolonged sun exposure. This type of premature aging is caused by the impact of sunlight on the skin layers, which deteriorates the production of collagen, releases free radicals and inhibits self-healing mechanisms of the skin. Ultraviolet rays are also considered as the greatest environmental risk factor in the onset of skin cancer, which is the most common type of cancer in the United States.

This is one reason why in recent years solar protection has become so important, beyond the purely aesthetic consequences. But this does not mean we can not take advantage of sunny days, or we have to stop enjoying the summer, we simply must take precautions to avoid sun damage to the skin.

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