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These include such as nursing homes, hospitals, homeless shelters and children’s and youth homes. Is a special real estate (also special real estate) again a building, which was built for a specific purpose, include hotels, railway stations or power plants. A residential building is – as the name suggests – is intended for residential purposes. You should want to buy a property There are things even further to note: because real estate as”real thing” they are subject to the ownership. Always 3 steps of buying a property. Complete a notarized purchase contract at the notary. At the notary, registration of the new owner in the land register documented agreement on the transfer of ownership. Once one has acquired the property, recurring costs to the buyer to come such as the basic tax.

The amount of taxes depends on the unit value of the property off, the rate and the tax measure. Even a percentage tax incurred from the land acquisition in addition to the cost of the land register entry. Many people consider these additional costs before buying a property and are faced with the problem of under-funding of the object. As a rule of thumb should you borrow more, which is 20% more than the purchase value of the property. Often the buyers need to borrow still second, thus the financial burden expands of course accordingly.

In the worst case the buyer cannot afford the loans. Another alternative is the condo for rent. The rents may vary depending on which city you live. To do this, there is the rent index. Rent prices are overviews of the local comparison rent housing. A rent index contains categories that are crucial for the price per square meter. These include the Stadtberzirk in which the apartment is located, the location (access to a public transport network, infrastructure, traffic noise, density, etc.), the year of construction of the House, the quality of residential facilities (E.g. toilet, floor, window, balcony, pitched roof, heater, etc.) and the overall condition of the home due to economical use of energy (thermal insulation, glazing, etc.). Have you found the right apartment is it now to sign the lease. This is a mutual agreement which commits both parties to comply with the clauses contained therein. The landlord receives the permission to use the property for providing its real estate an appropriate rent and the tenant. In the contract itself, the area of the rented property is specified, divided into the individual rooms which includes the real estate. It is stated which special uses he, like E.g. garage, basement u.v.m. Also, the number of keys is listed which are handed out by the landlord. The rental period is an important part of the rental agreement. Fixed-term or indefinite? The payment of the rent, the collection of operating costs, the cosmetic repairs, animal husbandry, modifications and the deposit are other parts of the contract. Finally even the notice period and the amount of rent. Should the rent be very high should you consider whether you not better afford “their own”. Cost of the monthly load often condos not more than a rented apartment or House. Worth considering! Sam Hain

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