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A professor asks. ‘ ‘ _ A love act, answers the auditorium, however balls! ‘ ‘ What it is education? Educator pledges exactly (…). ‘ ‘ _ Ah, is the form and content for which they are born sonhos.’ ‘ What it is dream? The traquina sacaneia citizen. But, answered it is: ‘ ‘ a place where the carried through EADS are teach-teach-dream in its praticidade without limits. , Thus inserted we are in one I circulate to know new that the citizens and objects of the prxis envoltam educational. The education in this to act attractive goes beyond the soil, chalk, blackboard, and multimedias (…).

If they characterize for the efforts of search who them, qui, sorrateiramente, they add forms, they restitute, they constitute and they construct sensible of its maintenance and access. The education that not been successful of the natural consuming, it wins for its solemn impetu of experience patience, something of what almost all humanity searchs but, does not reach. An educator dies every day, renasce all the mornings and comes back to die in one rtimo frenete. But, certainly, if he feeds advantageously of such success. This is to teach! To teach is to die to be born. it is to make useful what it teaches first in its attitude for times, being reaprendendo to learn all time that possible are.It is to abandon old habits, to face limits assumed taxes and, to see with the eyes of the faith and not with human beings.

it is to feel the essential and to live this, to make what nobody made. To consider what it was not and to appear life where the death was convenient. This is To teach. A dialogue, an act requires will.

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