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Real Estate Niches At Bargain Prices


Now you can get great housing bargains by buying houses put up for sale by court order. the truth is that subastFACIL.com, the franchise that specializes in the sale of property from a judicial, just hang on its website an offer of a property listed as a home but more than one, the less cause chills: a niche that Regional Finance Unit of Palma de Mallorca auctioned next Wednesday January 27th at 10:30 am by 1750 euros. “The economic crisis is not only driving many families unable to pay the mortgage on your floors and see how the bank seizes your floor. Also that you can not afford to pay the income of a cemetery or a family tomb, “as stated by Manuel Gonzalez, the Director General. “Just look for this niche at the private cemetery of the town Balearic Marratxi to realize just how far reaching it.” And that, as Gonzalez points out, when you can not pay debts, the Treasury is going beyond where it is necessary to collectability.

“This is to show that when you’re dragging this adjective and delinquent debts even in the afterlife and does not rest in peace.” So as always things are investors or interested in all types of properties subastFACIL.com has not hesitated to publish on its free Web image data of the property in question and provide professional services to who wants it to stay. “To bid on it you just have to enter 525 euros.” These are the features: Nicho located on the second floor type block 23 of the area called “City of the Niches” “to accommodate seventy-five centimeters wide and two meters long and two feet of surface a coma eighty-eight meters square. It is part of UNU private cemetery called “Jardins de Repos” “situated in the premises or are Alegre Marratxi with access from the Palma-Inca road. Linda mirandou from the street of Los Olmos back to the Avenida de Los Rosales, compared with that street. Fund, free space, right niche as plant and Order numerou corresponding posterior left with niche as plant and number serially. Fee: 0.006697 per ciento.u appropri Parau participate in the bidding: 525 euros Subastafacil.com is the franchise leader in Spain that is projected for the purpose of advising the executive in judicial auctions and make accessible and transparent to the public and investors the exclusive and highly profitable environment judicial auctions.

Since 2003 he has been engaged in the market for Judicial Public Auctions of real estate with very positive results objectively. His philosophy of work goes through to collect their fees if the customer comes out ahead.

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