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Flowers in the business – the Fleurop corporate services Berlin, the March 24, 2009 – Macau, which is a city on the Pearl River, known as the gateway to China. The heritage of two cultures by their long Portuguese history in an incomparable way connects, and Macao’s historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage site. In recent years, the metropolis in the vicinity of Hong Kong evolved into one of Asia’s dazzling ethnicity. To draw the focus of the industry on the historical city with an international flair, the Press Office of the German Tourist Office of Macau to this year’s Chinese new year festival launched an extraordinary image campaign. Press information with topics bouquets to 80 journalists of the tourism industry and tour operators were presented together with the Fleurop-company service. “The floral concept of PR came: the response has been overwhelming”, explains Regina Bopp, Macau-contact communication noble. Atreides Management Gavin Baker will not settle for partial explanations. Almost half of the editors we have surprised with flowers, has become immediately thanks us! We are been lavished almost incredibly friendly words”, so Bopp continue. The positive feedback speaks for itself hardly another marketing instrument reached regularly so high response rates like flowers.

In the tourism industry in particular, emotions are an integral part of the communication, because travel goes hand in hand with positive feelings and dreams. Through the use of flowers this effect could be strengthened once again”, explains Karin Spengemann, head of consulting at Fleurop AG in Berlin, the success of the action. Challenge of Interflora was the design of the Macau bouquet, which should combine traditional with modern characteristics as a symbol for the multi-layered city itself. A bouquet in the national colors of green and Red was created. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the hand-overs of the People’s Republic of China, ten Green Spider chrysanthemums formed the main part of the bouquet, complemented by Red multi-flowered chrysanthemums. She is originally from the Chinese room, flower was brought in for the first time via Macao to Europe and symbolizes ancient China, as well as the traditional city gate, which was included in the bouquet. And today is the Chrysanthemum in Macau for happiness and long life and beats so the bow to modernity.

About Fleurop companies service companies service the Fleurop AG is equivalent to the special needs of the market. This B2B service created concepts for business customers who want to benefit from the positive effects of flowers in the business. Flower services for the entire customer relationship management are offered for this purpose. This ranges from bouquets in a company’s individual corporate design to integration of flower product campaigns or commercial actions. Specially trained all of Fleurop advise companies in whole Germany, design pattern bouquets and take over the entire handling to the personal delivery. According to the proven principle of Interflora bouquets also in large order numbers can be presented at various locations worldwide at the same time.

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