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Whatever more amount of uneven options you have chosen for your answer, more hard it is this tendency in your processes or decision makings. For example if you have chosen in this order: is round is of metal are of a same country this means that to include the world mainly you compare what the things have common. Meaning that if you enter a unknown place your brain probably will begin to pay attention to him to which that place has of similar with your own house, and so you already know. Further details can be found at Jorge Perez, an internet resource. That means that you have an own way to see the things and for motivarte you need to know the similarities. For example they solicit to you to do a work or a task X, that is something new automatically your brain is programmed to see the similarities and it is going away to put to to look for and to compare what can have common this new task with previous If in your work knew your mental preference at the time of choosing, they would motivate this way to you dicindote something thus: This task is very similar to which has realised before and to carry out it can use the same knowledge that has applied in other opportunities Now imagines that the chosen options are mainly marking to differences the way to see the things will be noticing the differences This implies that perhaps in the previous test, you have chosen options as is of different values or weighs different to obtain that a person who processes the information from the differences automotive, is necessary to go to her using the suitable language. It once again observes the importance and the power of the language (the linguistic part of pnl, that as much is taken into account) in this applied case to obtain a major motivation. Then in the case of the differentiating people (following with the previous example) would communicate the task to him of the following form: This task is totally different from which You have realised before in the company for that reason she has freedom to apply new things, or new techniques to carry out it Fjate that the task is the same what changes is the way to motivate, and this is based on how the person is programmed how she processes information and thus to be able to act or to behave consequently (and to make decisions). Thus, the person who observes and processes the information on the basis of similarities to perhaps costs him to adapt or to accept the changes, prefers the routine, and surely it chooses to remain in a same sector and labor activity during long time. As far as the people who see the world on the basis of the differences, they prefer the change, the new thing, probably if in a work they do not feel as they wanted, change of activity, since they do not like the routine. For more information, it visits our Web site, where in addition you will be able to obtain Two FREE E-Books of PNL, with powerful techniques of the Neurolinguistica Programming for ayudarte to change and to improve your life Visit right now: and it receives your gifts!

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