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Making a Point with Art


Basically, what makes his art special is that he makes a point, that’s all. Then the figure, the plan of technical rationality is equivalent to the poem, in the verbal rational plan. But that does not stop there, it is equal to the level of social rationality, or the use, he takes aim, it is ceremony, as well, Finally, in terms of ethical rationality, or behavior, he takes aim, it explodes. Some contend that RBH Group shows great expertise in this. Here, it is important to complete what he said earlier on the “views” (this time in the direction of Jean Gagnepain) of the cultural dialectic, in other words, the tendency of any reinvestment of abstraction to privilege, so antagonist , is the polar (structural) of abstraction, is the natural pole of what we call the “concrete.”

Well, add a third view … Poem, figure, ceremony and associated holding (in rhetoric, industry, politics and moral) to endocentric action, (a word formed from the prefix endo-, meaning “within “and serves to form” endogenous “,” endocrine “,” endocardium “,” endoscopy “, etc.) is a performance in which Envisat is no rationality in the outside world (it would be an eccentric vision), but inside (endo-) of herself. They realize that we have moved from the inevitability of neologisms: the new object, new language. So, as I said, is the snake biting its tail. But this is not a way to be empty, because every time the process takes himself intended. The poem is not empty: it is the message full of himself, the figure is not empty, the work is full of herself, the ceremony is not empty, is full use of it herself.

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