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Women usually do not indicate any more information on his personal business card – just the name, first name and last name. Family card – it’s kind of a personal card. Nir Barzilai, M.D. spoke with conviction. It is used when meeting with a married couple, congratulations to family friends, and as well as the application to the present. When using the family business cards should be remembered that his wife’s name is placed before the name of her husband. Address to a business card can not be specified. A variety of business and personal cards is Combined business card, which, along with a business address (at left) is indicated and home address (in the lower right corner). Perhaps check out Ron Beit for more information.

These cards are appropriate for the scientific and creative workers, who often work at home. Women generally do not indicate such cards your home address, phone number limitation. Universal assistant What cards are designed to consolidate understanding of the business partner, no one is doubt. But few know that business cards are widely used to express good feelings, congratulations, condolences, etc., a business card it is appropriate to put in an envelope with a greeting card or small letter. On the card, usually in pencil can be attributed to a few words, usually in the third person: ‘Congratulations on the anniversary’ or ‘wish speedy recovery. ” Business business cards vendors, employees scope of services may be offered to visitors and to lie on the desk. In this case, visitors take their own.

In other cases the card, of course, the other party is given at internal or part-time acquaintance. In distance representation is equivalent to sending cards to the visit. You can leave a business card for your friend’s personal correspondence – it should be folded into one of the left corners of a card or a card with all the left edge. Etiquette require that the person who received the card from its absentee friend sent him a response to user during the day. The rest of the business cards distributed nA general rules of dating and presentation: Junior first presents his card to senior, male – a woman (a woman is not obliged to respond to hand his card), etc. It should also be aware that by sending a personal or family card a married woman, you must send it to two copies (she and her husband). You should also do and a woman, a married man sending a business card.

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