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This means new investors who are patiently waiting their turn. People such as RBH Group would likely agree. And God forbid the real estate market crisis happens, and shareholders will leave the cooperative, or an influx of new investors simply stopped. In this case, the cooperative has a good chance to repeat the fate of the "pyramids". Cooperative system is unstable and therefore not able to attract money for their reliability of large institutional investors (banks, insurance companies, pension funds). Stability and reliability of the mechanism of the program "Housing Step", by contrast, draws, to participate as Investor's major financial institutions that are objectively assess their risks and take a balanced decision to invest their funds. Thanks to the intuitive mechanism and low risk program "Housing step" can function with maximum benefit for all participants. Including large institutional investors to partner – the program "Housing move 'that provide the necessary amount to buy an apartment.

It contrast, a significant advantage of the program "Housing Step" and features a system of cooperatives that provide money only individuals – shareholders. System program "Housing move ' works even in crisis. In this case all the conditions of the program remained stable and unchanged. 2 special risk for buyers of apartments in the most cooperative storage systems is the transfer of apartments in shareholder ownership only after its full payment, with accommodation provided it is usually after you make 50% of the cost. Thus, in case of bankruptcy of the cooperative, the shareholder may lose the apartment, for which he has already paid a hefty portion of the cost.

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