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If previously could not know in person, even the neighbors on the stairwell, you will now have to meet even the neighbors porch. And if more than two entrances? There are many cases when they are over 10. Forced to make friends not only have with owners of apartments, but also with those who often takes shelter illegally. We are driving hard to the HOA, so we have to manage our homes and buildings. Meanwhile, not even a definition of what a building. Only assumed that this kind of collection of apartments, stairs, porches. As stated in one document, “in Russia there is no LCD legal definition of a block of flats.” Meanwhile, the building – a very complex engineering construction, which was delivered into the hands of people, not anything in this smyslyaschih.

Think about what we buy, buying property? The walls are common, floor and ceiling too. And that very often the owners of flats demolished bearing walls in their homes, exposing virtually the entire house. And it is in the apartment. And yet there is a common property – elevators, stairs, where the more impossible to determine who owns what. It is assumed that once people organize a HOA, so as soon as the house begins to bloom, and smell.

But the smell of home is, in fact, indifference to common property. Everyone will understand that the time has come, it’s time to make repairs, but even this dreary busy with someone another. Let it would not be me. The house is neglected. The bulk of the approximately 99.9% willing to pay just to burn lights in entrances and was clean, dry and warm. Sometimes, comparing condominiums and housing cooperatives during the Land of the Soviets. But there is a difference: the co-operatives unite people who are familiar with each other, they knew in advance what to expect. The old building stock is a conglomeration of people with different levels of wealth. They different views, which should be housing. Rich people want a high level of service. But pensioners and the poor can not pay. Here there is a clash of different interests. Retirees will not spend tiny pensions for the repair, and wealthy people will leave this house. We have all been built at the same time, the decline will come too, at one time. It was assumed that with the rise condominiums will be competition for the service. But as they say, man proposes and God disposes. Actually got the uncontrolled situation. All come from the opportunity to get free money now. We give an example to America, forgetting that the comparison should be equal opportunities. Without hesitation Nir Barzilai, M.D. explained all about the problem. And in this case, America is very different from us that there only 20% of housing accounts for apartment buildings. The rest of the housing stock accounts for private housing. Small house with the number of entrances not more than 4 will not cause any problems in the municipality. A completely different picture will be when the house accommodates more than a hundred residents – inevitable disputes and quarrels. And also there is a field for fraud, which is almost impossible to open. A reasonable question – what will happen to our shelter, when it will become worthless due to the wear? Nobody will give a new, will have to live in the ruins. Like not repeated impact of collectivization, but this time in housing and utilities.

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