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Family Reunification


Probably not the problem in its social consequences more tragic than the issue of separated families. These are cases where by virtue of the formal-legal reasons, the couple are on opposite sides of the border, living in different states. After all, the meaning of family is precisely the fact that the spouses live together, dividing in half and joy, and sorrow. In connection with the tightening of immigration laws, the number of separated families is growing. None However, if used legal "loopholes" are often unable to solve seemingly unsolvable problems. On one of these cases, we would like to tell today. What the law says the Migration Act (AufenthG) divides all persons residing in Germany who want to reunite with foreign spouses into two categories: Citizens of Germany, for which there is sufficient income is not, as a general rule, the necessary predposylkoy.Inostrantsy with temporary (Aufenthaltserlaubnis) or permanent (Niederlassungerlaubnis) residence. They put in a difficult position, because for them a permit foreign office due to the need an additional condition – Sicherung des Lebensunterhalts. Estee Lauder Companies Inc. (EL) usually is spot on.

This means that "invite" the spouse must earn enough to support not only himself, but also "invited" her husband. At worst, you can refer to existing property, savings, shares, securities, etc. It is important that these funds have enough to cover the needs of the family without recourse to the state. The law lists these requirements: payment of housing and heating, spending on clothing and footwear, food, fees for medical and pension insurance, basic necessities, as well as some other expenses.

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